rustic lodge living room with custom fireplace screen

Quotes from Clients and Publications

“Rain, wind, fog.  So your rail got wet.  Looks wonderful that way as well! Thank you again for your great talent.” – CO, Wyoming, November 2015

“Attached are pictures of the completed project.  It looks fantastic, a real work of art. Thanks for doing such a fabulous job.  I look forward to seeing you at the design show in September.” – TC, Connecticut, September 2015

“I stopped by late yesterday. It looks awesome Linda is thrilled. Nice work!” –  FS, Montana, July 2013

“Thanks so much for everything. I look forward to adding another piece of your work to our house! My next project for you will be a fireplace screen.” – PS, Texas, February 2012

“The table came today, and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work. The table looks beautiful in our house and I will have to take some pictures of it in our living room and forward them to you. Your craftsmanship is incredible, and the table is something we will enjoy for years to come.” – PS, Texas, February 2012

“The fireplace grate is beautiful, it is absolutely GORGEOUS with a fire going, actually without a fire as well.”  – GJ, California, November 2013

“It was a great experience working with you, and the railing is a great addition to our home.” – JR, Alaska, August 2012

I love your work and really hope we get to work together again. You are very talented! – RO, New York, October 2010

“Our Family Room is outstanding and we truly appreciate all the work you have done to make it look so handsome and beautiful. Thank you so much for expediting this work to accommodate our construction schedule.”  – NJ, Montana and Connecticut, August 2010

“Mr. Gilmore, I ran across your website while searching for a few small decorative pieces for a condo in Orlando where I am creating a bit of a western theme. Your work is beautiful!!! A unique combining of strong stately, masculine lined with softened rounded edges without becoming too feminine.” – PB, Florida, August 2010

“WOW you folks are amazing, saw a piece on you in WA&A and glad we did. Loved the Aspen Grove in the article. Looking forward to hearing from you, how the process works.” – KJ, California, January 2010

“The doors arrived Friday and have been installed.  They look great. The doors fit beautifully and my carpenter was impressed that you were right on target with the template he had made since the opening is way out of square.” – TC, Connecticut, October 2009

“it was wonderful to see your studio and meet you.  We are very excited to have a piece of your work here in our home!”- HF & LF, California, December 2009

“artist Glenn Gilmore has found a way to make a fireplace a quantifiable work of art. Gilmore’s fire screens-handcrafted of mild and stainless steel, bronze, monel 400, copper and brass-are stunningly individual and breathetakingly beautiful. Plus, Gilmore puts his German blacksmith training to work crafting hinges and hinge pins that allow for the flawless functioning and movement of every door. Choosing a favorite is folly, but browsing through Gilmore’s award-winning pieces in the numerous books that include his work is a worthwhile pursuit.” – Western Art & Architecture, Winter/Spring 2010

“been up at the ranch for a week now. The fireplace looks wonderful and works brilliantly, thanks a bunch. Would it be possible for you to make a log-cradle in the same design? Thanks again and best regards.” – PS, Montana, February 2009

“everyone loves the screens & table.” – SS, Montana, February 2009

“It was great to see you again.   We’re still in awe with the fireplace screens and want to thank you, again, for the most excellent work! Do stay in touch and feel free to schedule your photographer anytime you want.  The aspens have not yet turned their colors, but I would expect that within the next two weeks.” – AB, Wyoming, September 2008

“I was in Jackson for the long weekend and loved the fireplace and tools. It is a perfect fit for the house. Thank you for the fine craftsmanship.” –  AN, Wyoming, May 2008

“Glenn, thanks so much for the beautiful fireplace doors.  What an improvement – we love them!  We are looking forward to seeing them in person in a couple of weeks. Thanks again.” – DN, Wyoming, May 2008

“Customized” is the norm for fireplaces by Glenn F. Gilmore who has risen to the demand, and fantasies, of clients who want their fireplace screen to represent their hobbies and life styles, from boating to mountain climbing, sports to landscapes. – from Ironwork Today: Inside & Out, a coffee table book by Dona Z. Meilach, Schiffer Publishing, 2006

“The main rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows and ornamental railings that frame the stairs and upper bridge like a sculpture” – Wendy Abrams, Robb Report, April 2004

“Glenn made the window latches, a small detail of work that goes almost unnoticed, but one that works with a carefully resolved ease of motion.” – Heritage In Iron 2004

“Oak trees with the leaves, acorns….they can be a whole story of the oak tree as in Glenn F. Gilmore’s composition. Gilmore’s screens have so much going on with finite attention to details. Studying them is like poring over a fine oil painting to see what the artist included and how he developed them” – from Fireplace Accessories, a coffee table book by Dona Z. Meilach. Schiffer Publishing, 2002, page 46

“Glenn F. Gilmore has earned a deserved reputation for his fire screens and fire tool hardware. His screens combine artistic design with forged, fabricated accessories that are hand fitted to the individual opening. That requires working on site. He hand forges the hinges, levers, and handles, and finishes them with his special mix of oil and paste wax. In addition to his meticulous workmanship, each of his screens is customized to accommodate a client’s interests and visual ideas.” – from Fireplace Accessories, a coffee table book by Dona Z. Meilach. Schiffer Publishing, 2002, page 57

“When it comes to using themes and scenes in fireplace hardware, Glenn F. Gilmore’s work stands out. Gilmore from Hamilton, Mont., has customized fireplace screens throughout the country. Give him a theme or someone’s special interests and he will incorporate them into stunning fireplace accessories that could easily outshine any painting or sculpture in a room.” – Online article for: The Fabricator.Com by Dona Z. Meilach August, 2003

“ We are very pleased that your expert eye finds our house to be so well designed! Certainly your beautiful ironwork contributes to the look. In fact, when we were at the house this past weekend, I commented to James that I am glad we made the investment in your fireplace doors: they are lovely.” -SM, Connecticut and Colorado, Dec. 2002

“We still enjoy- and appreciate- your beautiful ironwork at Last Dollar.” – VK, Colorado, Dec. 2002

“I must tell you that we still get tremendous pleasure out of the work that you did for us in North Carolina, as well as your work in Atlanta. I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve had on your work over the years.” – JG, Georgia, Nov. 2002