Fireplace Screens & Doors

For centuries the fireplace has been a place for warmth, cooking, gathering of friends, and comfort. Glenn designs fireplace doors and accessories to contribute to the overall ambiance of the room thus changing the fireplace area into a “small gallery of art” to be enjoyed year round.

Using the finest quality materials available, Glenn works in a variety of metals including mild and stainless steel, silicone bronze, monel, copper and brass. The fire screens and doors are made one at a time and with great care. They are hand fitted to each individual opening. All the hinges, levers, and handles are created for each piece. Most of the material is forged to the desired design shape and it cannot be purchased anywhere. The screen mesh is stainless steel because of its strength and durability and is available in natural or black. The hinges have bronze bushing and polished steel hinge pins for smooth movement along with the precision thumb latch mechanism. The finish used on the frames and ornamentation is a special oil-paste-wax mixture made in the studio.

All of the steel is RECYCLED, (steel is the most recycled material on the planet), and is manufactured within 500 miles of Glenn’s studio. Not only is this part of our studio green policy, it qualifies for LEED points in the US Green Building program in two categories.

Recent commissions have been in Atlanta, Georgia, Greenwich Connecticut, Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the Crescent H Ranch, Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club, Three Creek Ranch, Teton Village, and in Big Sky, Montana at The Yellowstone Club, Spanish Peaks, and Moonlight Basin.

Prices vary with each commission depending on the style, size, materials, and other factors.